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Intel's desktop 9th-generation Core chips can handle 128GB of RAM

Essentially, compressed memory is an attempt to reduce the chance that your RAM will bottleneck your machine. Compressed memory is essentially stored information that has been reduced in size so more information can be stored in a limited RAM scenario. Think of this like a compressed ZIP file: When you need it again, you un-zip it and get all the contents back out.

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For the most part, all operating systems including Windows , Linux, iOS , and Android all use memory in nearly the same ways as macOS, so anyone can benefit from knowing how this stuff works. The different kinds of memory states on your Mac and what they mean Anthony Bouchard on October 31, 2. Inactive memory Inactive memory is exactly what it sounds like: This completely switches off the Dashboard.

Just What is Wired Memory Anyway?

Bye-bye Dashboard, you were great once ago. Use the dropdown menu to set any other location except All My Files. For example, you can set it to Downloads or whatever folder you like. Now close Finder. The last step is to relaunch Finder: So now your computer relies on your hard drive space to keep your apps going. Interestingly, it finds about 74 GB of junk on an average computer. If you have downloaded CleanMyMac, you may also take advantage of its amazing feature — the ability to free up RAM in a few seconds.

Gmail alone could take up the appreciable amount of your RAM. And when the extensions are too many they seriously slow your Mac down. How to remove them? Each browser goes about it differently, but you would typically find them in Settings under three-dot burger menu. At this point, you may not even be aware what widgets and plugins your browser is dragging behind. So, how to free up RAM on Mac?

Memory explained

But how many open windows are there? Physical Memory: The amount of RAM installed in your Mac. Memory Used: The total amount of memory currently used by all apps and macOS processes. App Memory: The total amount of memory currently used by apps and their processes.

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Wired Memory: The amount of wired memory used by an app is determined by the app's programmer. Look in the Compressed Mem column to see the amount of memory compressed for each process.

Tip # 1. Remove Login Items to lower Mac memory usage

Swap Used: The space used on your startup drive by macOS memory management. It's normal to see some activity here. As long as memory pressure is not in the red state, macOS has memory resources available. Cached Files: Memory that was recently used by apps and is now available for use by other apps. Energy The Energy pane shows overall energy use and the energy used by each app: Energy Impact: A relative measure of the current energy consumption of the app. Lower numbers are better. A triangle to the left of an app's name means that the app consists of multiple processes. Click the triangle to see details about each process.

Avg Energy Impact: The average energy impact for the past 8 hours or since the Mac started up, whichever is shorter. Average energy impact is also shown for apps that were running during that time, but have since been quit.

The names of those apps are dimmed. App Nap: Apps that support App Nap consume very little energy when they are open but not being used. For example, an app might nap when it's hidden behind other windows, or when it's open in a space that you aren't currently viewing.

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Preventing Sleep: Indicates whether the app is preventing your Mac from going to sleep. More information is available at the bottom of the Energy pane: A relative measure of the total energy used by all apps. Graphics Card: The type of graphics card currently used. Higher—performance cards use more energy.

How to use Activity Monitor on your Mac

They switch to a higher-performance graphics chip only when an app needs it. Remaining Charge: The percentage of charge remaining on the battery of a portable Mac. Time Until Full: The amount of time your portable Mac must be plugged into an AC power outlet to become fully charged.

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