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Ask a question. User profile for user: I've been using this Mac for years, but I'm still such a beginner when it comes to Macs. When I plug everything in, nothing happens. I tried installing a driver through the Samsung support site, but no luck.

External cd drive not working, advice please

I read somewhere that PatchBurn might help, but it didn't or I'm not using it correctly. I'm wondering if I somehow need to tell my Mac to stop recognizing the internal drive so that it'll start recognizing the external drive? I don't know. My Dell-certified technician girlfriend said that might be the problem, but I'm not sure how I'd fix it if it was. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! More Less.

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External cd drive not working, advice please | AppleVis

Did you get a powered USB hub? If not then the drive is probably not getting enough power. Thanks for any help. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Goyal8 Goyal8. I Have the same issue and get the same error code.

I swapped the internal optical drive for an additional hard driving thinking i could just use an external DVD drive if i need it. Thanks in advance. I have the same issue. Peachfarmer Mas. I have a 2. So, for those who transfer really important data and cannot change their Discs much, then they can buy an M-Disc and use this drive to use the M-Disc. Amazingly, even after being a DVD Drive, this device is only 14mm thick!

But if you are thinking that is drive must be expensive, then you are wrong! This DVD drive is a bit different that the others mentioned here. If you are a fan of this function, then you should definitely buy this Drive but be advised that this DVD Drive is a bit thicker than the other Drives mentioned here. But don't think that you can get this Drive at a cheap price. This has a USB 2. This device is very slim and very attractive. If you are looking for something slim and beautiful, then this might be the device that you should buy.

This DVD Drive has very high quality and fast burning speed. This DVD Drive has a unique curved design and is very beautiful.

Part 1. Top 5 Best External DVD Burner for Mac

This is very compact and weighs only grams. This drive also has Disc Tray and has an incredible design. This drive is also extremely thin, only 14mm and is very lightweight.

ZhiZhu Portable DVD & CD Rewriteable Drive for Mac & PC

Like you I had the same problem and googled - the original question popped up and I checked the Finder settings etc. Then I read your reply. The external drive appeared to be working - the light came on and the file lists appeared in the Finder, but it wouldn't play the disc.

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I realise if I'd first tried it with the mains power plugged in then I'd never have understood why it didn't work another time without the power supply. When having some difficulty with an external drive, try using a different power cord. Presto change-oh, it now works. Also Ive tried to find information on the disk drive and I cant find anywhere that tells me the drives region code! For instance, a couple years ago, my uncle got a new MBP that didn't have the CD super drive built in. So he bought the external apple super drive.

I thought, one friday when they were out at a live music thing, Hmm let's see what happens if I plug this drive into my older MBP. I plugged it in, and it would activate, but when I put the disc into the drive and let it do it's thing, nothing happened. I couldn't eject the disc, and the only way to do it was to restart the mac and hold down the eject key on the keyboard, and it would pop out the disc.

External dvd writer does not recognise after upgrading to yosemite

The best thing I can tell you is that these drives sometimes do not work with older machines, I have no idea why, but they don't. I told my uncle what happened, and he was like "hmm that's weird. Maybe try buying the apple super drive and see if it works. Hi all, I tried all the suggestions here, and none of it is working: My computer is not showing that it recognizes it anywhere.

I had the exact same problem as 8.

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