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If the Giga Mac player doesn't do anything for a while, Giga Mac will face his opponent and roar at him, however, this doesn't actually help Giga Mac, as the other player can punch his face to get a star. Giga Mac actually can get up faster than Little Mac, with the ability to get up as fast as the count of 2. Instant Knockdown: Counter the taunt or the refilling move with a one- or two-star uppercut.

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Little Mac appears as an Assist Trophy. He appears on the stage and dashes around, punching and using uppercuts on enemies.

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  • All 14 Characters From Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, RANKED.
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  • All 14 Characters From Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, RANKED;

He often falls off the stage, however. He also has a normal trophy as all other Assist Trophies do. In its description, it says:. After meeting with a former boxing great named Doc Louis who fell from glory, Mac takes Doc on as his coach, and together the pair try for the championship belt in the WVBA. In these games, Mac is a strong, fast, melee-based fighter that can make quick work of other fighters on the ground.

By contrast, his aerial attacks and recovery moves are weak and cover little range, leaving him extremely vulnerable in the air. One of Mac's unique attributes is his K. Meter, a bar that builds up when Mac deals or receives damage. Once full, it alters Mac's standard special attack into the "K. Punch", an extremely powerful close-range uppercut that sends opponents flying, usually for a K. His Final Smash in both games is a transformation into Giga Mac. Ultimate , activating the Final Smash causes Little Mac to transform and charge forward in a straight line, and anyone caught in his range is automatically delivered a series of powerful punches and launched before Little Mac transforms back.

The "Boxing Ring" appears as a Punch-Out!!

This is Why Punch-Out!! Has Two Screens (Smash Bros. Dunk Off)

The ring itself is from the World Circuit, but the surrounding stadium seats matches the Major Circuit's stadium interior. There is also a jumbotron screen in the back that views the fight in real-time and displays stats and exaggerated titles for two fighters in a similar fashion to the Punch-Out!!

In WarioWare Touched, Little Mac is assumed to be the main character in the micro game "Button Masher" on its third level of difficulty.

During battle, he even strikes a pose for his fans every now and then even saying "Photo Op" before doing it and Mac can earn a star if he punches him in the face while posing. It was also known that Super Macho Man was one of the people who was knocked out by Mr. Sandman during his rise to being the champion In fact, according to his win record in Career mode, Mr.

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Sandman was his only loss. When he KD's you he will taunt you by yelling "Stay down! He speaks with somewhat of a valley-boy lingo which is reinforced by the fact that, when fighting him, the soundtrack has a surf music arrangement and seems to think extremely highly of himself thinking that he can't lose to Little Mac. His voice is provided by Mike Inglehart. When he leans to one side, land an opposite jab and he will twirl to the other side.

When this happens land another opposite jab. Continue this pattern to knock him down. This trick does not work in Title Defense. His appearance doesn't change that much except that his pants change color to a darker blue. He has a new fighting scheme but his punches are pretty much the same as before except that he has increased attack speed and his punches do more damage. He taunts more often, but getting the star off all three taunts requires good timing and knowing when to attack.

His Macho Spin in Title Defense Mode is faster and much harder to avoid but it's still just and will knock you down immediately if you get hit. He doesn't have an Instant Knockdown in Title Defense. In the introductory slideshow, it is revealed that Little Mac has taken away Super Macho Man's spotlight and fame, much to his annoyance.

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When he does his triple spin attack, instead of ducking the first time, throw a star punch. If it hits and is timed correctly he won't do anything except stand there and block your attacks until the next round. He will also encourage Little Mac into defeating his opponent and at times mock some opponents such as Aran Ryan , but at times may mention trivial information about some boxers like Super Macho Man 's fame, fortune and his Hollywood connection. Besides this, he may also talk about random topics like chocolate and Club Nintendo.

In all modes, Doc Louis plays very similarly to some of the opponents in the Wii version of Punch Out!! He uses every type of punch. In Doc Louis's Punch Out!! Chocolate bars fly off Doc Louis's head if the player manages to stun him. In Sparring Match, he will begin using Star Punches.

Before he attempts to hit you with a Star Punch, he gets a star off you by hitting you with a very quick hook though it can be avoided and then throwing the Star Punch. His Star Punch instantly takes off all your stamina, resulting in a knockdown. Occasionally, he will take out a chocolate bar.

If you hit it out of his hands, he will get enraged and take off his usual track jacket, revealing his jaguar-pattern shirt and shows a very amusing reaction from Little Mac showing disgust from it, as well as a very humorous message from WVBA after the cut scene.

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