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Events Calendar. With individual and relay entries available, the newest Ironman The race will serve as a qualifier for the Ironman Most people will tell you that the challenge of Port Mac is the hills. Oh well, having some fair bike handling skills I consider this a way of getting a competitive advantage over skittish triathletes: My main takeaway from the bike is the need to have a more even split of power — I tend to go out a little hard on lap one and fade a bit on the back half; my gut feeling is that a more even distribution of power would, at the same average power lead to a faster run split… to be tested.

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Really liking the Hammer HEED on the bike by the way — mild flavour, maltodextrin based, easy on the stomach. Will be my drink of choice at Busso IM, the High 5 2: But after lap 1 it got busy and it was nice to start seeing the rest of the TSS and BRAT crew out on course, also, high fives have been proven in tests to make you run 3. I also liked the change to the run course — the little incline just helped to freshen up the legs and recruit some different muscles, it also made for a little point of difference in the otherwise pancake flat course.

What the hell are people doing swigging it at their desks! I had some at the 3rd to last and last aid stations.

First Timers

Hipetergram photos taken by a spectator friend were still better than the naff on course photography. Race day dawned with pleasant temperatures and fairly clear skies. The five Baysiders — with Ruan Sweeney as our excellent supporter and photographer — gathered with the usual group hugs and best wishes exchanged. I was feeling positive and quietly confident that it was going to be a good day, and pleased to be sharing it with friends.

Race Report - Port Macquarie – 18 October - Bayside Multisport Triathlon Club

The race organisers had opted for wave starts rather than the rolling start format which is becoming popular at IM and The field thinned out fairly quickly and I settled into a rhythm which was a bit harder than comfortable. With plenty of swim training under my belt and recent wins over shorter distance races, I had made a decision to swim harder than I previously had over the As we approached the turn point, I could athletes standing and walking through the part of the course which we would soon swim back through.

We would soon find out that quite a sand bank had formed there and it was almost impossible to actually swim. Like most others, once I got to this point I pushed up from the river floor and did a series of wade-and-dolphin-dive until it deepened out again. Great fun and it added some variety to the swim! There were then only a few hundred metres to swim into transition and a big crowd at T1. It felt great to be onto the bike — my first big race on my new Cervelo P5 aka Cyril, thanks Nicola!

It was a quick spin through town before getting onto the hills that lead out of Port Macquarie. As discussed with coach Toby, I concentrated on keeping my speed up but not spiking my heart rate while going uphill.

70.3 Port Macquarie

This was a fun section for me as the hills play to my power-to-weight advantage and I was moving through the field quickly. As I approached the turnaround, I kept an eye on the other side of the road, trying to pick the female riders to see how many were ahead of me. The cheers and atmosphere always seem to make the relative horror of the climb knowing that the run is to come! Coming back into town for the turnaround for lap 2, I was however glad that there were only 45k more riding ahead of me and not 90k!

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I told myself to keep the pace up, keep the gap to the lead female riders down and get enough fluid and nutrition on board. The day was getting warmer and I knew the run would be taxing. I crossed paths with Darryl and then Ronan again on this lap, each of them going south and me going north, at exactly the same point on course that I had last seen them.

Good — we were all going well and holding a constant speed. Shortly after this on a slight downhill, I felt unusually aero and then looked down at my aerobars to realise that they had slipped slightly down so that they were starting to point towards the ground!

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