Web pages loading slow on mac

Method 2 – Manually Clear Cache.DB File

Finally, right-click on the Cache. Make sure Safari is closed when you are doing this step.

Disabling DNS Prefetching Can Improve Safari's Performance

This means you could be stuck several versions behind and will be missing out on all the improvements and optimizations of the newest version. The simplest way to upgrade is to go to the App Store and click on the link for the latest version of OS X, which is usually on the right-hand side. You can try something simple to see if it helps in Safari. To do this, open System Preferences and then click on Mission Control.

In the drop-down next to Dashboard , select Off. This is not some surefire fix, but it has worked for some people, including myself.

Reason #1: Your Cache is Beyond Overworked

I have a Mid MacBook Pro and the dashboard was definitely slowing things down. Another thing you can try is to change the search settings in Safari. Try changing the search engine to Bing, restarting Safari and see if there is any difference in the speed. Change it back to Google and then check again. You can also try unchecking all the options like search engine suggestions, Safari suggestions, quick website search, preload top hit, etc. Sometimes on a very slow Internet connection, all of these extra features may cause Safari to be even slower.

If you have a machine that is connected to both WiFi and Ethernet, your issue could be caused by being connected to the network in two different ways. To see your connections, go to System Preferences and then click on Network.

Method 1 – Cache, History, Extensions

You could try disconnecting one network source and seeing if that makes a difference or not. Switch to only the other one and test too. If you want to keep both connected, read on.

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Safari Running Slow on Your Mac?

English English. MacPaw uses cookies to personalize your experience on our website. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our cookie policy. Click here to learn more. If the site is loading OK now, and Safari remains responsive, then you're all set; the problem was with the DNS provider.

How to reset safari on Mac?

To make doubly sure, try loading the same website again after you shut down and restart your Mac. If everything still works, you're done. If not, the problem is probably elsewhere.

How to Improve Browser Speed on a Mac

You can revert to your earlier DNS settings, or just leave the new ones in place, especially if you changed to one of the DNS providers I suggested above; both work very well. If you are still having problems, you can solve them by never visiting that website again, or by disabling DNS prefetching. It would be nice if DNS prefetching were a preference setting in Safari. It would be even nicer if you could disable prefetching on a site-by-site basis.

But since neither of these options is currently available, we'll have to use a different approach to disable the feature. Quit and relaunch Safari, and then revisit the website that was causing you problems.

Why Is Safari Slow on Mac?

It should work fine now. The problem was likely an older router in your home's network. If you replace the router someday, or if the router manufacturer offers a firmware upgrade that resolves the issue, you will want to turn DNS prefetching back on. Here's how. That's it; you should be all set. In the long run, you're usually better off with DNS prefetching enabled. But if you frequently visit a website that has issues, turning DNS prefetching off can make the daily visit a more enjoyable one.

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web pages loading slow on mac Web pages loading slow on mac
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