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If you run iPerf version 3in server mode with the command iperf -s , you will see the following: You will also see a window open with the following question image:. Do you want the application "iperf3" to accept incoming network connections?

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Clicking Deny may limit the application's behavior. You will need to click on Allow to allow external systems running iPerf in client mode to connect to the system. You can terminate the program from the command line by hitting control-C , i. You can check on whether iPerf is allowed to listen for incoming connections on an OS X system by the following steps:.

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You can determine if iperf is allowed to accept incoming connections from a command line interface CLI , e. The above command shows the status of firewall rules for other applications as well; you can restrict the displayed output to just the rule for iperf with the command shown below:. Btw, is UDP speed really in megabytes per second capital B? Add a one from green small values in left to red high values?

Hi again… and yes, I have to confirm some of the issues that need to be polished and will be asap. We are checking the relation among the controls in the Preferences.


Iperf3 mac os x download

What about something like this clearer with fixed width font:. Probably needs better wording as well, english is not my native language. Nope, but you can view crash report here: My comment with smiley was about this info:. I mean — really in seconds? Ie if both TCP and UDP tests are selected, following tests are really conducted according to the iperf3 server log and tcpdump:.

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Can you give this build a try? The build will go public shortly. Dialog appeared stating that test failed — connection refused. It just kept spinning there about 10 minutes with no way to cancel it.

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Indeed …. Backtrace from one of such quits is here — http: Sorry for breaking so nice program, but such are my habbits from days when I did a lot of software testing ;. We are really glad to have such clients as you. Keep breaking it. I fooled around some more and realised that I lied a bit. My firewall is dropping iperf3 UDP traffic and if Netspot attempts to use it, it never timeouts and no way to cancel the test. If I restart computer, there is no hangs, but …. Might be some kind of timing issue. I captured such failed case with tcpdump as well, I can send it to you privately if needed.

It does sound like both issues that you mentioned in your last post are related to timeouts in iperf3.

iPerf3 server log script :

Is there any chance you can get a clean compiled official iperf3 client and test it in the same conditions as NetSpot? Based on our tests, we suspect you may have the same issues, and they are somewhere inside iperf lib. We keep our own tests and would update you once we find out anything new. We might be wrong, as we could not reproduce all of the bugs reported by you.

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What I see from dumps is kind of messy, but client seems to start this. Can you give me a iperf3 related snippet from your code so I can test it and possibly report the issue to the iperf3 developers?

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  6. I am not totally sure, but it seems I had the similar issue when using Netspot2. After I updated iperf3 to the latest version. The problem has gone. If I wait long time enough, iperf3 on the server side will receive: The new build will be online next week. Menu NetSpot.

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